Yes!! It will happen. The best is on its way. Expect it, Visualise it, and try experiencing it. It will happen for sure.

Reteish Sharma

Congratulations on the first step to building your big brand.

Now when we say the word brand, we don’t mean a product or service, we understand a brand to be an experience, an experience that you cherish, remember and boast about. While I help you in creating this brand, there is a promise that need from you. The promise of the 4 D’s.

Desire | Decision | Determination | Discipline

Firstly, you need to create the desire to own the brand, a successful Brand, which is loved and admired by customers. A brand that achieves good sales and high profitability.

My Second requirement from you is to make the Decision. Yes! The decision is to be made today to win this war. The war against lethargy, procrastination and indecision. The war which builds teams that builds empires. A decision which is not to be changed.

My Third requirement is Determination. The Determination to follow your dreams and the determination to make it happen. We need to make it happen.

And, lastly I require a lot of Discipline. Let me tell you… Discipline is tough. It’s tough to leave the winter quilt and do the REMI(R), It’s difficult to sit alone and ideate, It’s difficult to toil.

So once you have promised me these 4 attributes, I will guide you towards making the best brand in your spare. A brand that will be recalled with pleasure and pride. A brand that overflows with success.

The Mastermind Programmes

PSP (Power & Structure Programme)

  • Course Duration: 21 days
  • No of 1-2-1 sessions : 4
  • Group Session with upto 4 attendees
  • Time per session 90 mins.
  • Unlimited calls and QA sessions on Phone
  • 21 days program with updates and reminders, activities and to-dos to be completed
  • 21 days hand-holding and discipline conditioning
  • Price : ₹ 30,000/- + GST

DDP (Deep Dive Programme)

  • Course Duration 45 days
  • No of 1-2-1 sessions : 8
  • Time per session 90 mins
  • Unlimited calls and QA sessions on Phone
  • 45 days program with updates and reminders, activities and to-dos to be completed
  • 45 days handholding and discipline conditioning with Deep Dive in understanding company analysis, activities, problem areas and specific solutions
  • Price : ₹ 75,000/- + GST

Progressive Workbooks