Success is not a choice for winners. It’s not even an effect of chance. It’s an result of a calculative process, achieved out of hard-work and dedication

Reteish Sharma

We all start our journey with a charm, as magicians and skill masters of our fields but in the course of making our ends meet, in a few years, we loose the sheen and become captive to what we started with passion.
In the same business, where we used to create magic, we end up becoming the mechanics, the accountants and the store keepers. We loose out to the pressures of completing tasks and paying back the creditors and banks, and we simply loose the magic. With a few, structured hand held sessions, I assure my mentees, and get the magician back in their businesses and ensure success is well achieved

The Myth About Small Businesses: Success and avoiding closure.

Businesses open and close, about 94% business shut down world wide in the 1st 3 years. Most Entrepreneur’s become the handy men, technicians, salesmen and accountants for their companies, hence killing the dream that they sowed. Business and personal success depends on a positive and lasting impact that you make on people, it is a Game which you play by the rule. I always recumbent that you don’t be obsessed with competition. Just play the game, with your self, the infinite game. Be obsessed by the way you are going ahead. It takes 7 years or 10000 hours to master your skill. You need to master your one skill that your enterprise boasts of. And its a matter of perseverance, passion and tedious effort in just one direction. Business achievements are based on small goals. Every thing we do, every step we take, either takes us away or gets us closer to the business goals.

Its about the ‘Brand’. Lets Build our team to Build the Brand

Yes! It’s true. Business can be won with simple tools. Our goal is to develop a customised for your ‘BRAND’, that is easy to manage, can be multiplied for various locations and creates the correct statement of your establishment. Be in control of your companies corporate image and present your brand to your client with confidence. While, The first thirty seconds, is what it takes to make your impression a lasting one. The client will decide if it’s a ‘no’, a ‘may be’ or a definite ‘yes’, and proceed further towards closure. It’s the next few minutes and the presentation that follow, that assist in achieving a final closures with the definite ‘YES’. With very simple steps, your target clients will know your Brand, the Culture and the Ethos, well before your first meeting with them. Once, in control, you will have the ability to ensure that you project a confident corporate impression of your company.

Identify your Key Product. Your Core. Your Strength. Your USP

The Product should suit the current market. There is no point in creating something that doesn’t suit the sensibility of the current market and feelings. It is very tough to change the entire perspective. People buy benefits, People buy Solutions, They seldom buy a product. Its important to integrate benefits and solutions in the products you offer to make your product desirable. Add the service, not only after the sale, but before the sale is closed, or while the sale order is in process. This creates the impact and the product offering becomes a brand. Always remember, its the little things that matter much.
Its said that ‘specific is terrific’. We hold this well in all spheres of our lives. The moment you get focused, you get results. Your customers, the society and even your family, identifies you with your key strength. Remember, there are not many keys to open a lock. Yes! The lock to your success as an entrepreneur will open only with one key. It is indeed important to be specific.

Open up. Soar High. Fly High. Do things differently.

Remember, you became an entrepreneur to build your business, you started this journey, to enrich your  world. You started with box full of creative ideas, thoughts and visions. Now, slowly, the wheel changed backwards. You sorted crumbling under pressures of payments, debts, salaries and rent. You became the mechanic, the accountant, the sales man and even the cleaner and delivery guy to cut expenses. Your dreams changed and became necessary situations which needed your efforts to fill in. The customers started complaining and order pipelines became thinner. Where did it all vanish. Business is to give prosperity. Look where have I reach, is the question that you ask your self. Get back to your feet. Learn to soar again. Get fresh, get Going.. this time is now, and is waiting for you to start afresh. Every Business goes through this cycle of learning. You start with a bang, reality and inexperience gives a bash and then you jump back, more matured, more experienced, and like a roaring tiger.It happened to me, it will happen to you. Its the way the entrepreneurs word sways. The only thing constant here is change. And you will get the change. You get the change and people will adjust.

Stimulate your Mind and create Curiosity

Keep your mind open to options. Let the child live within. Don’t carry the weight of the pre suggested ways. Just be open and curious and keep your mind stimulated.Practice Creative Visualisation. Think, Think, Think and visualize. Be creative. Imagine and let the ideas flow. Its not important that every idea is a winner, but once in many, we will hit the cord and get the answers. So remain creative.Learn to Laugh at your self. BE Ok with laughing on your mistakes and moving on. Don’t waste time is sulking.. whats not important is 5 years, is not worth spending more than 5 minutes today. So stay happy, and laugh out, even when you are the epicentre of the joke. Give your self small targets to achieve concentration. Its important to generate focus. You will learn more on this as we move ahead. Expect the best.. Yes!! The best is on the way. Expect it, visualise it and it will be there. I assure you.

Its important to avoid negative thoughts.

Ensure, that you make it a practice to chuck these low pulling weights away. As soon as you get a negative thought, kick it out and replace the mind with some positive feelings. Search for some good things that have happened with you or your near ones and force your mind to remember the same. Take charge of your Life, get command on your heart, on your physical being and on your mental state. It is important to command the body to do what you want. The mind can trigger the largest commands. You have to take charge and responsibility of your self and of your life. Develop a burning desire, desire is the key to success. Added with discipline and a few triggers, all desires will be achieved. But, initiate the desire. You need to have your goals set. Concentrate on one thing at a timeIts important to focus. You don’t throw random darts on a dart board. You focus on Bulls eye. Some times you hit it, and sometimes you don’t, but You focus at centre of the board. Similarly, make immediate focus points and concentrate on the same.