My Journey from ‘Fabrics and Design’ to Brand Consultations and hand holding sessions 

Dear Friends,

‘The grass is not infact greener.. On the other side.. Its greener, where its watered’.. W. Somerset Maughan 

A few years Ago, I started a journey of creating a Brand of my Dreams. I visualised it, It thought about it, and I achieved it.

I always dreamt, that my curtain company becomes recognised in the design fraternity . I wanted to be known world wide and have customers calling not only from different states of India, but the world over. To start with, I had a modest shop in the busy streets of Central Delhi. A business, where, I was the one man army, doing sundry purchases, running errands, attending customer calls and decorating the shop windows. I could have taken this as an innings work and could have continued in the same place, Instead, I went all out with full energy to take life head on. There on I started with ideation, reading and kept learning. I attended business sessions, took notes and advise from financial advisors and kindled the midnight oil.

Within a few years, I managed to accumulate the balances of wealth and life. And now after a few years all is so wonderful.

This journey made me understand the complexity and nuances of Business. I realised that I had created a brand from just nothing, created wealth form scratch and now lead a team of dedicated colleagues who are ready to toil with me and take ownership of the business as their own. With in a few years, my brand became popular all across the country and I am now approached by international customers to partner for relationships from across the world. From a modest store, in a small market, Today, my company is well recognised in the world of drapery. We have draped homes of celebrities and nobles and have offices in different countries. What started as purchases from local vendors, has now turned to multi level imports and a distribution network across the Indian Sub continent.

The forecast is looking even brighter, with more than 100 Exclusive Brand outlets, 200 Shop’n’shops and a large customer base in the US.

The Journey as a Business Coach

My journey as a business coach started with a friend, who saw my growth, asked me for advise, and refused to take it for free. For him, free lunches never worked and are never taken seriously. After his many request, I took my experiential journey as an opportunity to give back, what ever I have learnt. So, I completed my professional training and certification as a trainer. My friend, became my first mentee. Further, he introduced me to another freind, who needed guidance. Both of them started showing huge success just after  a few sessions and today stand tall with their brands, being very well known, and their companies making enormous profits. Thereon, I took this as a profession, with an aim of giver gain. And, there has been no looking back. 

I truly Belive in what  Shannon L. Alder says .. Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul like you.

In structured 1-2-1 sessions, I and my mentees discuss the best way ahead for their business. We get to understand how their brand can be the best in the industry and why, clients and customers will get attracted and pulled to purchase services or products with out much negotiations. We help understand the future course of the business and create vision and goals for the company. Besides a deep dive into the fundamentals of successful branding, we understand the difference between the pull and push mechanism of marketing, structure of team build up and define an algorithmic external and internal communication process for the organisation.

We all start our journey with a charm, as magicians and skill masters of our fields but in the course of making our ends meet, in a few years, we loose the sheen and become a slave to what we started with passion. In the same business, where we used to create magic, we end up becoming the mechanics, the accountants and the store keepers. We loose out to the pressures of completing tasks and paying back the creditors and banks , we simply loose the magic. With a few, structured hand held sessions, I assure my mentees, and  get the magician back in their businesses and ensure success is well achieved

I urge you to begin your journey, just as I began mine. Life is too short to be wasted on remaining average. Let’s meet soon and make it happen !! You deserve it !!

Warm Regards !!
Reteish Sharma